Professor Anthony Kucernak

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist SMS Fuel Cell Systems

Co-Founder Bramble Energy, RFC Power and SweetGen, Professor of Chemical Physics, Imperial College London

35 years in the development of electrochemical energy devices including batteries, fuel cells, photoelectrochemical devices and redox flow batteries

Professor Anthony Kucernak (ARK) B.Sc., Ph.D., CChem. MRSC, is a professor of Chemical Physics in the Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London, and has extensive experience in the study of various aspects of solid polymer electrolyte fuel cells, supercapacitors, and the design of new electrochemical techniques. His group currently studies a large number of aspects of fuel cell systems ranging from the development of new electrocatalysts, the development of new techniques to characterise and study electrocatalysts, the development of fuel cell electrodes, and the development of new methods to characterise fuel cells. His work has been used to found three companies, Bramble Energy (fuel cells), RFC Power (flow batteries), and Sweetgen (waste water treatment). He is theme leader for Polymer electrolyte fuel cells in the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supergen Network.