Dr Huizhi Wang

Co-Founder and Head of Simulation and Analysis SMS Fuel Cell Systems

Senior Lecturer Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London

10+ years in electrochemical engineering with a particular focus on the simulation and analysis of electrochemical energy devices including fuel cells, batteries and electrolysers

Dr Huizhi Wang is a senior lecturer at Imperial College London in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and a group leader of the Electrochemical Science & Engineering Group. Her research lies at the interface between thermofluid science and electrochemistry. Relying on the multidisciplinary approach, she works on the coupled transport of heat, mass, species and charge at different length scales and links them up with new designs and performance improvement of electrochemical energy devices such as fuel cells, batteries and electrolysers. She has over 10 years’ experience in fuel cell modeling with the focus on new cell design, water and thermal management and degradation. She has more than 100 peer reviewed research papers, including a recent Nature perspective on the development of next-generation high-power-density PEM fuel cells. She holds an EPSRC fellowship and is a PI/CI of research projects worth more than £10M.